Under Estimated Tony Sparano’s Departure

From a fan’s point of view I’m going to eat some humble pie and officially admit that Coach Sparano’s departure after last season left a big void in our offensive system. So much focus was put on Jason Garrett bringing a new life to the offense last year, thus the 13-3 record and offensive explosiveness, but how much of the success last season was because of Jason Garrett. Yes, Garrett probably had his input in the system, but I’m going to believe that Sparano was the one doing the bulk of the work while Garrett was doing understudy work.

Think about it, how is a young buck coming from a QB coach position in Miami going to come in, design, and know how to prepare against the leagues best defenses? Not likely. What’s more likely is that Sparano was the one doing his due diligence in preparing the offense week in and week out.

On top of Sparano taking care of the offense last season, he was responsible for getting the offensive line in order while he was in Dallas. The  Dallas Offensive Line has been abysmal all season long. They are the same players, so why all the miscues and sloppy play? Don’t give me the LG injuries either, that’s one player. The point is that the line needs order, they have to be coached and told what to do. Hudson Houck has been a bust in his return to Dallas, total garbage.

Without Sparano, the offensive game preperation has not been there, the play calls have been predictable, and Garrett has shown his inexperience in virtually every game. Some of the leagues worst defenses were able to pick apart the offensive schemes, and forget about the best defenses in the league, we saw what they did to us. Garrett is overrated, and if anyone needs to get the boot it needs to be Jason Garrett. I’d advise the Cowboys to bring David Lee back into the fold. Give him the promotion to Offensive Coordinator. He built up Romo and knows how to get Romo back in check, because as it is now, Romo has cart blanche on stupid gametime decisions without consequence. We need someone to be in his ear and get him in check. In addition, Lee worked with Felix Jones while at Arkansas and knows his strengths.

Get rid of Garrett, he’ overrated and useless, he needs more understudy work. Bring in David Lee to repair the offense.

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