Shanahan to Dallas, Garrett to Denver?

The amazing news of the day has Denver cutting loose ties with Mike Shanahan. This surprise firing adds some very interesting twists to the offseason now. Question would be whether or not Shanahan still wants to coach somewhere or does he want to take some time off.

Rumors already have Jason Garrett has a hot target for the job. Word is that the Broncos are looking for a fresh start with a younger energy at the helm, hence Jason Garrett’s name being thrown around. Denver’s move could mean they are stepping up their efforts to land Garrett before the Lions or any other organization steps in. Denver obviously made the move so they could be in the Garrett Sweepstakes. How ridiculous does that sound, but the fact remains, these teams have serious interest in Garrett despite our debacle this season.

Let’s just play devil’s advocate and surmise that Garrett get’s the job for the Broncos, Lions, or some other team. The Offensive Coordinator spot would be open in Dallas, and with a proven offensive minded coach like Shanahan it would only make sense to bring him in for a look-see and go from there. Here’s where its going to be intriguing: Shanahan can bring his West Coast offense to the Cowboys and TO and the rest of the gang should enjoy some success in this system. On top of that, Shanahan can bring his offensive line coaches or scheme to Dallas, and watch out. Its been well documented that virtually anyone can be plugged into the Denver running game and have success, we need this in the worst way.

And here comes the best part to think about…with Shanahan onboard running the West Coast offense for at least a year in Dallas, this then makes hiring Mike Holgrem in 2010 for the HC a whole lot easier. By this point Dallas has been running the Shanahan WC Offense, something Holgrem will want to run, and Shanahan can stay onboard, or Holgrem could bring in his guy to run the system.

Again, just my thoughts, something to put out there, whether or not any of this happens will remain to be seen.

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