Can Romo Bounce Back Against Patriots?

To the point, Tony Romo must win this game against the Patriots, there is no try -he must win.

Like Mike Vick, Romo continue to be ridiculed and are the center of many hot debates in the media and online. Romo though, would seem to have to most pressure on his back than any player in the entire NFL at the moment, and rightfully so. The loss against the Lions still stings with many fans, some have calmed down, and some have completely written off Romo all-together.

At 2-2 the Cowboys are still very much in the thick of the NFC East, and there are no panic buttons or alarms going off (yet). This week is the bye week, and it could not have come at a better time. The Cowboys have been dinged up all across the board, and this week will bring some much needed help.

Orlando Scandrick will return against the Patriots, and we’ll need him for this game. Expect him to go head-on against Wes Welker, who’s been torching everyone in his way.

Scandrick says he’s ready:

“I feel good,” Scandrick said “I’m excited about the challenge to come back and play against Wes Walker. It’s an extreme challenge that I’m looking forward to.”

“I’ll practice sometime next week and I am going to play,” Scandrick said. “I’ve seen a doctor and he said if we had a game this week, I would play.” (

Romo should have some healthier receivers for him to throw to, and if they all show up, we could torch up the Patriots, who currently rank #32 defense in the league.  Dez Bryant will benefit the most for the bye week and his practice should get him ready to play a solid game. Dez has come under fire for running out of gas during his last starts. Garrett explains its all about getting in more practice time:

“It’s been hard because he hasn’t been able to practice very much, but he’s gotten himself to the point where he’s been able to loosen that thing up and get through ballgames,” Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said.(DMN)

Dez says he’ll be 100%. Good, bring it Dez!

Miles Austin should be ready to go against the Patriots, and expect Laurent Robinson to be the #3 WR. By all accounts, it looks like Robinson has unseated Kevin Ogletree and there may be no looking back. Robinson, has been a pleasant addition and a solid contributor on offense.

Romo will have the healthiest offense going into Foxboro, and the defense will be there as well, so he should be able to bounce back against the Patriots ; however, the great equalizer will be turnovers. We’re going to see how Romo plays this game. All eyes are on him.

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