Its Phillips & Garrett or None

Let’s revisit the bombshell announcement about Shanahan being ousted in Denver. I just realized that Phillips was the Broncos HC before Shanahan took over; so this being said, my original idea of Shanahan taking over as our OC if Garrett leaves would be more unlikely.

The thing about Jerry is that he wants the two core coaches back, that being Phillips AND Garrett. Jerry wants both or None. So, if Garrett leaves I think Jerry would seriously consider brining in Mike Shanahan as the newest Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys. He’ll be hard pressed not to make this move, Jerry could not have seen this one coming, so things may change here quickly. And could history repeat itself for Wade Phillips if that were to happen? This is what happens when your team is capable, but you faill miserably.

Shanahan has the true credentials to get this team over the hump right now. Bring in Shanahan’s Oline genius Rick Dennison and we’re in business.
I have a feeling a certain someone’s phone has rung in Denver already. We’ll keep a close eye on this.

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