Jerry, Firing Read Not Enough

As I said in an earlier post, Jerry gave us a crumb when he finally decided to fire Special Teams Coach, Bruce Read, but this is not enough, not even close. If you’re going to keep push over Phillips, then I suggest making these other firings:

1. Rick Herring: What a huge let down, the linebackers couldn’t wrap up anyone most of the season, and this needs to change. You can’t look at the stats, because tackles were made, but it was usually from behind, players catching up to running backs and tight ends. Garbage tackling down the stretch did us in as well.

2. Hudson Houck: Perhaps the biggest disappointment was the offensive line. Clearly with Sparano gone, all his hard work and discipline evaporated as soon as he signed on in Miami. The offensive line sucked, holes were not opened up, too many defensive players penetrating and too much pressure on Romo, leading to so many killer turnovers.

3. Wade Wilson: the quarterback coach hasn’t done anything to keep Romo in check or coach him up. Wilson has been a major bust at this position, and for the sake of salvaging something out of Romo, a better QB coach should be another priority.

I’m going to stop there because if I keep going, everyone will be on this list, which in reality should happen, this whole things has been a bust. But making ONE singular change is absolutely not going to get it done.

I think towards the end of the season the defense did improve considerably, with Phillips at the helm. Get rid of Stewart, letting him keep the defensive coordinator title is a charade, get real please.

The offense on the other hand was bad all year, even early on with Romo, the team had a hard time moving the ball, and never delivered any knock out punches. There should be more changes on the offensive side of the ball going into the offseason. I think it starts up front with the offensive line. With a bad line, everyone’s crap play is magnified ten fold. Romo needs a coach to keep him in line, his free-for-all play has been a detriment to the team in close games.

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  • Wes

    I could not agree more. Romo has ability but is not getting any better. as far as tackling, the whole D could not make a tackle to save their lives.