New Stadium Will Host Lame Ducks?

The Cowboys are on course for a disastrous 2009 season. Supposedly, Jerry Jones will consider the three biggest names for 2010, which will be Cowher, Holgrem, and Shanahan. With no changes in our current coaching staff, you can bet Jerry already has a plan for 2009, and here it is:

Wade Phillips will be on a 3-6 game leash, if we have a losing record early on, then Jerry pulls the plug on Phillips, at which point Jason Garrett will take over a team is complete disaray, he too will fail miserably. The Cowboys will probably finish 5-11, or 6-10 at best. So, the draft for 2010 will be pretty good for the incoming coach for 2010.

This means, the 2009 Cowboys will be lame ducks for inaugural season at the new Stadium, but nothing is new here. These Cowboys are notorious for not showing up on special moments, like when the Triplets were inducted in the Ring of Honor, and then a monumental let down against the Ravens to close out Texas Stadium. Jerry is going to take this coaching staff to the new stadium and its going to be a huge disappointment. This roster of players coupled with these coaches is a formula for a horrible 2009 season, get ready.

Either way, there’s a very good chance that 2009 has already been lost. If we’re expecting Phillips to be replaced, we should do it now and get through any growing pains during a transition season. If we’re looking at bringing in Holgrem or Shanahan in 2010, then be prepared for a not so perfect opening year too, because the philosophies on offense and defense are very different from what we’ve been running here the last several years. You’re looking at probably changing back to a 4-3 defense, and running a west coast offense, this is a complete overhaul of our current systems.

For my money, I think the best option for a new head coach in 2010, I’d take Mike Holgrem. Holgrem is what Romo needs in the worst way. Without a discplinarian minded coach Romo will be pigeon holed into mediocraty forever. Expect to see more of the wild unchecked gun slinging, random hailmary for INTS from Romo in 2009 because he absolutely doesn’t have any discipline or coaching to do otherwise.

Phillips and Garrett will be back, and the status quo across the board will sink us earlier this season, rather than the a late season meltdown.

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