Rumors of Releasing Owens Are Ridiculous

I’ll be the first to admit when Jerry Jones pondered signing TO I was against the idea, but I got onboard and I have been a supporter since the start. He’s been a playmaker at the WR spot, something we absolutely did not have since Irvin. Owens has not been a problem in Dallas, I think he’s getting bad writeups and rumors are being stirred up by the press about his potential release for the simple fact that some in the media just don’t like TO.

Owens has been great for the offense; however, the offense as a whole took a big step backwards, and because he spoke up, people want him out of here, its ridiculous. Yes, we have Roy Williams, but is he’s a solid #1 WR? Owens is still a better skilled player in my opinion, there’s only a few I’d take over Owens right now. Losing Owens, and “seeing what happens” with just Roy Williams could be a complete disaster and set us back even further.

This offense needs two big play receivers, and if that’s what Garrett envisioned, ala Irvin/Harper, then releasing Owens would kill that plan. If you release Owens, you better have a solid plan B, like signing Anquan Boldin, that’s the only thing I would go for otherwise, stay the course and get Roy Williams working with Romo all offseason.

This team needs better coordination and coaching on offense, and leadership from the head coach, which just isn’t there right now. But releasing Owens is just a dumb idea.

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