Tempers Flare

Thursday’s game against the Colts cannot get here soon enough. The defense and offense are really getting after each other, and today there was a small skirmish between some offensive players; Julius Jones, Deon Anderson, against defensive FS Patrick Watkins. Apparently Waktins was coming off a blitz and Julius picked up the blitz and basically slammed Watkins to the ground. Watkins got in Julius’ face and rookie FB Deon Anderson jumped into Watkins face and the rumble was on.

Julius left the field after practice and didn’t talk to Watkins. Watkins assures us that everything is ok now:

“It’s all love,” Watkins said. “We’re not going to try to hurt each other, but sometimes tempers flare.”

Looks like the on the field dramatics have subsided, but its time to get these guys in front of another team. This team is pumped and ready to play.

Kevin Burnett joked about the on field drama:

“It’s part of football, everybody wants to be a bully”

Marcus Spears describes the mood on the field:

“We’re so ready,” Marcus Spears said. “You see the scuffles going on out there. It’s time for us to hit some other people.”

I completely agree, and lets not kill our own player, we’re all on the same team. Save that intensity for the games against the rival teams.

Cowboys Legend, Lee Roy Jordan was in attendance today and Coach Phillips had him address the team. I wonder what he said, but whatever is was, I’m sure he gave some great advice to the team.

Word is that PK Nick Folk is winning the battle against Gramatica.

It appears as if Folk has taken the lead. The rookie draft pick continues to display a strong enough leg on kickoffs and has been successful in field goal attempts in practice.

Unless he collapses in the preseason, he’s the favorite to win the job. And considering his age, he could be a long-term solution for the Cowboys at a position that has been a migraine for years.

This is very good news for our roster implications. I’d like to see Jackie Battle make this team, and with one kicker being carried over instead of two, this helps give us some flexibility, with our deep RB and WR rosters.

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