Garrett Remaining in Dallas

Looks like the early rumors of Jason Garrett being a hot coaching prospect were just that – rumors. In fact, it appears that Garrett will indeed be back in Dallas for another season as the Offensive Coordinator. In addition, I’m going to make a prediction that Garrett will be the interim head coach at some point during the 2009 season.

With Wade Phillips and Garrett returning to Dallas in 2009, the changes we had hoped to see will not happen. We have a new special teamers coach, that’s it right now, and that’s just not going to cut it, it isn’t.

Let’s hope we get a decent free agent or two, and let’s hope we address some weak links on the roster with a good draft.

I can tell you this. No one around here is going to be expecting the Cowboys to win the NFC East, let alone a Super Bowl. This being said, a decent record and maybe a shot at the playoffs will be good for Cowboys Nation, because as it stands now, we’re not expecting it…seriously.

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