Cowboys Running Backs Begin New Era

The Cowboys destroyed the Rams 34-7 and that’s how it was suppose to be scripted, so this win puts back to .500 for the year and 2nd place in the NFC East. The story everyone will be talking about is the emergence of DeMarco Murray who smashed several Cowboys records and rushed for 253 yards.  The story line was the same on the defensive side of the ball: constant pressure, run stuffing defense, and creating turnovers. Lets go over some observations from today’s game.

Running game

Today will mark the new era in the running game. Felix Jones and Tashard Choice were given plenty of chances to show us something and squandered it. Today DeMarco Murray made a serious case for his permanent role in the running game; and by that I mean, Murray will be the running back the rest of the season. If Felix ever comes back from his injury, lets just place him in the return game (punt/kickoffs) moving forward. Choice is virtually done at running back for us. He’s had a dreadful and forgettable season for us, and his performance today just confirms that Murray as the starter is the right move, clearly.

In addition, Phillip Tanner finally got his shot, and he delivered with some nice runs and a td. Today we saw a glimpse of the future at running back and its DeMarco Murray and Phillip Tanner, both give us explosive options on offense.


Two words, Sean Lee. Sean Lee has clearly emerged as the leader on defense and everyone is swarming to the ball. The defense under Ryan has been playing lights out, and they seem to be playing better and better as the season goes on.

Dez Bryant

Dez played solid ball all game, and ended his 2nd half droughts with an impressive td on top of everything else. Dez grabbed 5 catches for 90 yards and a td. With Bryant getting in more practice and better conditioning we can expect his numbers to only continue to increase, and that’s a good thing.

The rest of the NFC East

The Giants and Eagles were on a bye this week; but, the Redskins played against the Panthers and they lost. The Cowboys now move to 3-3 and 2nd place in the NFC East.

Next week we play @ the Eagles on Sunday Night Football, then two home games against the Seahawks and Bills. Lets go Cowboys!

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