Garrett back in Dallas, Rams hire Spagnuolo

All the speculation is now over, the ideas of having another head coach here are now dead in the water and that’s because Steve Spagnuolo has been hired as the Rams Head Coach, NOT Jason Garrett.

The attention will now turn back to Owens. If Garrett would have left, Owens was pretty much assured another year or more in Dallas; however, now with Garrett back in town, Garrett could try to get Owens out of here if that was a big stipulation when looking to leave for a HC gig. If you believe the rumors of Garrett giving Jerry an ultimatum in which it was him or Owens, then that alone can be a problem heading into the 2009 season with that being leaked out. In addition, if you believe that Stephen Jones has asked Jerry to release Owens too, then this means that there really is a strong conversation amongst the organization that think Owens should go for the sake of the locker room and offensive cohesiveness.

Let me tell you how this is going to play out now: Wade Phillips will be asked to continue on making the calls on defense. I don’t want to hear crap about Campo taking over, we need to go into this with the momentum we built up. Promoting Campo to DC, would be another “lets see how he does” scenarios and we don’t have time for that crap, straightup. On top of this, Phillips will be on am ultra short leash. Any shortcomings and Jerry will undoubtedly fire Phillips and hand over the keys to Garrett.

So, that’s where the Cowboys are at right now. The offseason drama will focus back onto Owens. Expect more drama in the coming days. Love it!

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