Cowboys Continue the Dramatics for the Worst

When the Cowboys lose, they lose in dramatic fashion, and tonight’s game continues with that theme. The Cowboys and all of Cowboys Nation had high expectations, but the Cowboys came out and just started this game out with pure concentrated garbage play. We look like a 6-10 again, and its scary how this team let the wheels fall off so quick in the first half.

At the half the score is 24-0, and I’ve seen enough. The defense felt apart, the offense cant move the ball against a Juan Castillo lead defense, no one is making plays. The headlines aren’t going to be good, and expect a full dose of major criticism across the board; however, this time the blame will begin to creep upwards to Jason Garrett. Do you think his seat is getting warm at 3-4 and with the way the team came out and played tonight?  This is the kind of play that will get any team back into the “Suck for Luck” running real quick.

The expectations are high, and fans demand better than what was fielded tonight.

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