Cowboys Win and Murray Fortifies Himself as Starting Running Back

The Cowboys came away with a win, which now takes them to 4-4 for the year; however, the Cowboys will need to keep winning the rest of the way for a playoff spot, and 10-6 may not get it done this year. The NFC East is going to go down to the wire, it’ll probably come down to the last week of the season at this rate. That being said, the Cowboys still have alot of work to do to separate themselves from being an average team, which they are right now.

Fortified with Murray

The Cowboys offense is doing better with DeMarco Murray at running back, and if they’re smart, they will keep him in there whenever Felix Jones heals from his high-anklle sprain. Everyone knows a good running game is a quarterback’s best friend, and Murray provides some much needed pressure relief for Romo.

Garrett said he would address what to do with Jones once he returns; and I think its simple, you put Jones back into the return game, and sprinkle him in the offense. One thing is for sure, Jones’ days at starting running back are done. Murray runs better, he plays harder, and he’s an impact player. No one wants to see Jones in there falling forward for 2 and 3 yards.

Redzone woes continue

During today’s pregame show Jimmy Johnson recommended that Garrett get himself a full-time offensive coordinator and concentrate on his head coaching duties. I would have to agree, the Cowboys are not quite firing on all cylinders, and a part of it is the play calling, and the dreadful redzone. We seem to do ok getting to the opposing side of the ball, but once we’re in the redzone, everything ceases. I don’t see a solution this year, but depending on who is available I would take Tony Sporano back, or Norv Turner if he becomes available. We won’t win many games if we can’t punch in some more touchdowns, field goals are not going to cut it against elite teams like the Packers or Saints.

Sophomore Slump?

Dare I say Dez Bryant is in a sophomore slump? He may not be in a full-blown slump, but he’s slowly approaching it. I think Dez has been a victim of the lockout, by not getting in solid time with the playbook/coaches, and then his health was an issue early on. He’s come up with some big plays, but he’s canceled-out some of those plays with some bad plays, like today’s fumble for example. We’re going to need more consistency from Dez the rest of the way, especially with Austin’ injured plagued season.


It doesn’t get easy for Dallas the rest of the season, in fact, the pressure/stakes will only increase with each week. We host the Bills next, then we have two very quick games: @ Redskins, then 4 days later we play the Dolphins for Thanksgiving.

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