Jason Hatcher Ready to Take Over

I’m going to officially put this out there since I don’t see this out by some fellow bloggers, and major media outlets, but I think Jason Hatcher is being over looked in the conversations at the defensive end spot. We know Canty will be gone, this is a known thing. So with all the draft hype and thoughts on other free agents, we need to come back to our boy Hatcher.

Hatcher is a fan favorite for many, and many thought he would take over Spears and give us that motor that we need at DE, Well Hatch may finally get his chance. Hatcher provides a solid game when he’s in there, so while we’re all concerned about Canty’s imminent departure, should we really be so concerned? Hatcher is no slouch, and was drafted in the 3rd round in 2006 after all.

At 6-6 298lbs, we don’t lose much size plugging in Hatcher. If I were the Cowboys I’d concentrate on drafting an ILB and Safety, and add depth at DE and NT. Let Hatcher be the beast at DE that Ratliff is at NT, these guys have the same type of motor, and having them lineup next to each other could be truly explosive.

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