DeMarcus Ware Contract Looming

We all expected the Cowboys to be relatively quiet this free agency period and this is because Jerry locked up several key players over the last 2 seasons. Romo was the last really big contract he gave out in 2007, Romo cashed in to the tune of 6yrs $67million, with around $31million in guaranteed money.

Now will come DeMarcus Ware’s contract, and its shaping up to be the biggest contract in Cowboys history, and one of the biggest contracts in the NFL. The Redskins paid a “king’s ransom” to acquire Albert Haynesworth at 7yrs for $100million, $41million guaranteed. Many will argue that Haynesworth is not consitent and only plays well on contract years, Titans will agree, and this will probably happen in Washingonton. What we do know for an absolute fact is that we have a well proven commodity in DeMarcus Ware. Outside of Jason Witten, Ware has been the most consistent player that really deserves to be one of the highest paid players in the league.

How much will Ware make?

At the very least, Ware will make about the same amount as Haynesworth. Again, Ware is clearly a better player, he’s younger, consistent, durable, and this means he could get paid even more than Haynesworth. I’m guessing Ware is looking at a $16-17million per year contract for 7yrs and $40 something in guarentees. So, 7yrs for $119 give or take, it could very well be a bit more than that and this is why Jerry is not going to pay anyone else a big contract this year. Our splash will be with Ware’s new contract, he will be thrusted into the very top of player salaries.

Ware was drafted in 2005, in comparison, his rookie contract was for 5yrs for $13million, last year he earned about $725,000 in base salary. In contrast Greg Ellis hauled in about $3.25 million last season. Do the math, Ware is going to cash in big in Big D.

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