Roy Williams Demands Release Now

Roy Williams has told his agent to ask the Cowboys to release or trade him now. If I were the Cowboys, I’d get this done. Its still more likely Roy will be released. Roy signed a 5yr for $30million in 2006 and no one really wants to take on that contract for a sub-par player. Roy had two good years, and his play dropped off greatly each year. The Cowboys have done everything possible to put Roy in the right schemes and plays in order for him to make plays; however, nothing has helped, and he’s a liability.

Jerry, please just move forward and release Roy Williams asap, if not tonight, by tomorrow please. This team is making some positives moves by subtraction, and Roy is the next one that needs to walk.

Life after Roy has some promise. For instance, Wade Phillips has done pretty good in building up secondaries, he has a good resume in drafting defensive backs, and if were Jerry, I’d let Wade take the lead for our next safety as well. I don’t want to see another free agent. I’ve seen the name Sean Jones thrown around, but he has some durability issues. I want Wade to take the lead and nab us a solid guy. Oregon’s Patrick Chung is getting some attention, and could be a draft target.

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