Cowboys Close Game Antics Cost Them

Well no one should be too surprised, right? If you keep playing these close games, the kind that rely on a final game-winning drive, and a kicker, then eventually you’re going to get burnt, and today is that evidence. Yes, a win is a win, but sometimes its not a win if you’re barely winning. The formula the Cowboys have been using most of the season relies on several facets of the game to go as-planned, but with all the unknown variables during the game, its no wonder we haven’t lost more games.

Did anyone else notice Jerry Jones when the game was heading to overtime, he looked annoyed with a big lip flubbering exhale. Jerry wanted the Cowboys to put up more points and hinted that he wanted more decisive wins, so this latest loss is just going to reinforce what everyone else is thinking, including the top man in charge. Personally, Im looking ahead to the Cowboys hiring Norv Turner as their full-time offensive coordinator once San Diego cans him.

We drop to 7-5, and luckily still atop the NFC East since the Giants lost, but next week could turn the tide again for one of these teams. The Cowboys will either win this game and go and a roll, or they will lose their 2nd straight game and here we go again with the December meltdowns.

I said this last week, and by now everyone agrees, the secondary is the weakest squad on the team. The guys back there refuse to make solid tackles, they shy away from making a hit, and just full of mistake, penalty making players. Get rid of Maxie or Campo, make a statement, these players aren’t being coached well; however, it doesn’t help that no one is that good back there.

An NFC East team may clinch this thing up with a mediocre 9-7 or 8-8 record.

Upcoming: Giants, @Buccaneers, Eagles, @Giants

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