Winner From Tonight’s Game Will Win East

Ready for some playoff atmosphere football tonight? Well, that’s the type of big game we’re looking at this evening. Tonight’s game will likely determine which team will clinch the NFC East, and the loser will likely tailspin and fade away. The Cowboys are under alot of pressure, and you can almost feel everyone waiting for the wheels to fall off yet again in December. This game will either confirm this feeling, or it will defy previous disastrous collapses and point the Cowboys to a playoff opportunity.

The Secondary

For me, the secondary needs to play better tonight. These guys need to play smart, they need to wrap people up and make some tackles. If the secondary has a bad game we’re done. I expect the Giants to come out fast and test out the secondary, and if they collapse early they will falter, they don’t seem to be able to shake off bad plays and just keep them coming the rest of the game. Watch how we play tonight, this is key for us.

The Offense

The Cowboys need to start and finish today, and by that I mean they need to start fast and finish strong. The Cowboys have been lacking solid games, outside the Bills game, the Cowboys have let everyone hang around and take them to the last winning drive. Cut the crap out or we’re going to lose against the Giants, you don’t want to leave the ball in Eli’s hand at the end of the game, he can win. That being said, the Cowboys need to distribute the ball to everyone, and run the ball with Murray, to keep the Giants defense on their heels.

That’s it guys, this is a huge game at home. We win this game or good-bye playoffs.

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