Bad Plays and Penalties Cost Game, Probably Season.

It wasn’t rocket science when I said the secondary would be a big factor tonight, everyone knows we suck back there, and Eli Manning tore us up with the last two TDs in the 4th quarter. I feel sorry for Cowboys Nation, we were up 12 points, and just fell apart. As predicted, the defense would skip the next two defensive series and give up the game. I’m pissed off how predictable we are. I knew we were going to be conservative with 5 mins left with the two dumb running plays, and then we left 3 mins on the clock for Eli to goto town on us.

The season is pretty much over for us, it really is. December blues haunt us again. Yes, we’re 7-6, but look how we’re playing, look how bad the secondary gives us big plays and stupid brainless penalties? Newman has to go, he’s a liability, complete trash back there.

We have the Bucs, Eagles and Giants. We have to run the table, no more losses, and we need the Giants to lose somewhere along the line, that’s the only way this bumbling circus makes it to the playoffs. This game really stings, plus Murray is out for the year.

The Giants finish the season with 3 home games: Washington, Jets, and Cowboys.

My prediction for the rest of the season is we beat the Bucs, probably by a field goal, because that’s the formula Dallas has been rolling the dice on all year, then we lose to Philly, and one last time again on the road to the Giants. We finish 8-8, no playoffs, and a very long offseason.

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