Hello everyone, I wanted to personally wish everyone a safe, and fun Merry Christmas! I appreciate all our readers and wish you all a great new year. I wish the same could be said about our Cowboys, amazingly enough we are still in it with the final game of the season being for all the marbles, winner take all.

If you’re like me and just about every other Cowboy fan out there, you know we need a secondary. I dont expect the Cowboys to make it much farther this season to be honest, the season has been a rollercoaster, and sort of reminds me of that 1991 Season, where the Cowboys were on the cusp of making some real noise and become contenders the next several years. I feel this is where the Cowboys are right now.

We’re missing a few pieces, but Im sure we’ll make the correct adjustments for 2012, starting with a revamped secondary and another outside pash rusher. We all know who needs to go. :)