Does Newman Want Out of Dallas?

Ok, first question for everyone: Is anyone else sick of hearing Terence Newman blab his mouth off? He’s talking a bunch of unecessary garbage about Romo’s personal life, and talking about the defense, and calling out this and that. Ok, we get it Newman. Here’s what I’m wondering…Does Newman want out of Dallas? Seriously.

When we start hearing a player be more and more outspoken about issues, critical of the coaches, questioniong the offense (Romo), and blabbing to anyone to listen, then all these can culiminate into something bigger here. Newman is not dumb, he knows, in his heart of hearts, his time in Dallas is coming to an end, possibly after this season. I don’t see Newman on the roster in 2010, and to me Newman is reaching out, he wants out. If I’m Jerry, I’d be looking to moving Newman out of here. Some of you may be saying “what?” But, come on. Newman is coming off two consectutive injury riddled season’s, and his skill level plateaued two years ago. The only thing we’re going to get from Newman here on out is more of the same – write it down.

Right now the Cowboys could probably get something decent for Newman, and I’d make the move before it’s too late. After this season, he’ll be 32, and clearly on the downside. If you’re going to trade Newman its this year, maybe on draft day or before.

I’m sick of hearing him in the media, and he’s overrated at this time of his career. For years he really was a shutdown corner, and unfortunately was overlooked for the Pro Bowl all those years, but every player’s career must wind down, and Newman’s is already on the downside.

Jerry, Stephen, please consider trading Newman, get the value, and add another young solid player with the upside Newman had many years ago.

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