Cowboys Will Have Options for New Assistants

The Cowboys’ game has been flexed to Sunday Night (New Yrs Day) and no one is very confident, there’s hope, but there’s more apprehension than anything else. I hope we pull out a win in New York under the lights; however, if we lose, the Cowboys will need to move fast to pick up some quality assistants. Monday has traditionally been the day coaches have been given the axe and relieved of duty.

If I’m the Cowboys, I target Norv Turner, first and foremost. Turner is familiar with the Cowboys organization and is an elite offensive coordinator, his role in Dallas would inject years of expertise in proven play calling and allow Garrett to concentrate on other aspects of the team.

Defensively, the Cowboys need to seriously consider moving to the 4-3. The Cowboys 3-4 has been a flop under ALL the 3-4 gurus (Parcells, Phillips, Ryan). Its garbage and its not getting the job done inside the division. We need a defense that wins games inside the NFC East, and its time to think about change, seriously. Consider bringing in Steve Spagnuolo to run the 4-3, or bring in Dave Wannstedt to run it. Spags will be a hot commodity and could head to Philly who will be looking for a true DC.

If, however the Cowboys keep Ryan, there’s no doubt the secondary coaches need to be purged out, and I mean all of them. They can’t get our secondary to the level we need for them to compete consistently, they are just horrid.

The Offensive Line coach needs to be upgraded too. If I’m the Cowboys I see if Tony Sparano would be interested in running the offensive line and shape them up because they need help. Doug Free is playing like crap, and he has assured himself a move to RT this offseason, and Tyron Smith is too good not to move over the LT, so we need a guy to get these guys in sync for 2012, Houck is not that coach.

If the Cowboys make the right moves in regards to assistants, then we can look forward to a better 2012, next would be drafting a top cornerback and another pass rusher. Lets Go!

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