Revisiting Rumors To Watch

The Cowboys have gone to a busy offseason from a slow quiet start. Jerry promised changes would happen and he’s kept his word. Jerry let players walk and released players should which should enhance the roster and the locker room. April is almost here and the Cowboys have made lots of moves. Let’s revisit some of the offseason rumors I expected to occur this year.

In January I wrote:

  1. Roy Williams (SS) – Roy Williams will probably get released considering how much more cash flow cutting him will add to our free agency pool. I expect this one to happen pretty soon.
  2. Marion Barber III – I fully expect trade rumors to run rampant the closer the draft gets here. As far fetched as it may seem, Jerry could pull the trigger on a trade to upgrade other areas if he so believes. There will be several teams looking for a solid back this offseason as the draft doesn’t have a great crop like last year. If Jones feels comfortable in Felix Jones and Tashard Choice taking the team over, then yes we could see a trade, nothing less than a 1st rounder though. We’ll see.
  3. Terrell Owens – there’s a notion that we could see Owens released due to the fact that releasing Owens would not impact our cap much at all; in addition, it appears Garrett will be back as the OC, so if both are back expect an explosion of frustation from Owens especially early on. If we start where we ended this past season, then forget it, it’ll be a disaster. Owens wants to win like anyone else, but if cooler heads cannot prevail, something would need to change. Forget trading him, it’ll be the same at Philly, why trade when you can wait for an imminent release. He won’t be traded.
  4. Brad Johnson – its just a matter of time before Johnson get’s his walking papers. He was a decent option 2 years ago, but after watching him last preseason, and this past season, he is past his playing years. He’s gone.
  5. Kyle Kosier – surprised to see him on here? Not me, I was never a big Kosier fan, of the five lineman, he’s been the most average of the group, couple him next to Adams, and its even worse. Clearly Jerry isn’t going to let Adams go this year, but I expect a change at LG, either by free agency or by the draft. Don’t give me, the line suffered this year because Kosier was injured, yes that’s true, but even when healthy he’s still average amongst the other beasts, he’s totally upgradable.
  6. Bobby Carpenter – Parcells and Phillips have either stunted his growth into oblivion or he flat out can’t play the position, I expect him to be traded to Miami, Saints, or Detroit. I don’t see him taking over that open slot. I loved the pick, but he never saw the field and got pidgeon-holed as a backup. He needs a fresh start bigtime.
  7. Terence Newman – Another player that probably will be back, but the chance of him being traded is there. Two consecutive injury riddled season’s and he hasn’t been 100% the whole time means the car is breaking down doesn’t it? At 30, Newman can still play good, but only when healthy. A trade could happen here with Newman if Jerry feels good about Jenkins and Scandrick maning the corners, something the Cowboys need to happen soon, might as well move forward.

– Today comes the news that the Cowboys are looking into trading Bobby Carpenter, which would be in his best interest. Its clear that Carpenter will not get a shot to start at ILB, for at least 2yrs. For the team, Carpenter is a valuable player on special teams, and provides us with the depth we need; however, if the Cowboys think they can get value then they may pull the trigger.

– Nothing in regards to Marion Barber. Unless something mind blowing comes Jerry’s way it looks like Barber is safe. I’d like to see what the three headed attack does for Barber this year. If the Cowboys had any type of ambitions of moving way up into the 1st round or accumilating draft picks trading Barber is the only player who would garner multiple picks.

Kyle Kosier will likely remain on the team for at least the 2009 season, I think picking up another offensive guard could be in the making, possibly as high as the 1st or 2nd pick we make.

Terence Newman is still an intriguing prospect for any team, but his run in Dallas is likely over past the 2009 season, especially if he turns in another injury riddled season. Although we’re not talking weeks at a time, but we’re still talking about lingering injuries that keep him from being 100%, we saw what Santana Moss did to Newman last year, and it was ugly. Getting up in age, if the Cowboys want to get value, then this is the only year I can see us pulling off something nice in return. I could see Newman packaged in a draft day trade. We’ll see how this goes down. One thing is for sure. With Newman starting in 2009, we had better be ready with the reserves. Im confident in Jenkins and Scandrick working opposite each other sometime this year, but after that, we better pull in some more defensive backs in this draft.

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