Cowboys Could Replace Stanback with Pat White

How high do you have QB Pat White on your boards? If you’re Jerry Jones he could be the pick somewhere on day one. Question is, how much of a commodity would Pat White be for an NFL team, and could he be drafted in later rounds. During Pat White’s pro-day workout it was reported that many clubs wanted to see Pat White demonstrate his ability at wide receiver, and not so much his passing ability.

Looks like Jerry Jones has some interest in having the Cowboys write in some plays used in the trendy “wildcat” formation:

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said the club could draft a quarterback next month to use in the Wildcat, a formation made popular in the collegiate ranks the past few years by the University of Arkansas with running back Darren McFadden taking the snap in the shotgun offense…

…”We may want to do some things on our offense this year with a third quarterback,” Jones said. “That’s something other than be there as a backup to the second quarterback and be there in case you lose all the quarterbacks and be there not certainly as a development prospect, but we could hopefully find a quarterback with a set of skills that we could put some packages in for.” (FWST)

Pat White would fit the bill here, and could be option for Dallas if Jerry means what he’s saying, or it could just be smoke and mirrors. One thing for sure is that adding Pat White would be an upgrade over the gigantic bust in Isaiah Stanback. Stanback has not been productive past two games his whole time in Dallas, a complete waste of a roster spot. I’d be all for adding Pat White and dumping Stanback.

Reporters gathered around Wade Phillips during the Spring meetings in Dana Point, CA. If you saw the footage on NFL Network tonight, you saw Phillips get slightly agitated as the constant questions about Terrell Owens.

Owens’ departure has been the loudest change. Jones said the move was partly done to help Romo’s development, but Phillips said Romo “will be better whether Terrell is here or whether Julius Jones is here or whoever is here. I think Tony is the guy that makes himself the better quarterback.”

Phillips called talk of Owens’ divisiveness overblown and a product of expectations not being met.

“That’s why I didn’t want to talk about it in the first place,” Phillips said. “So you begin to talk about last year and all these things. … I’m through with that. It’s this year. What’s important is this year?” Check out the rest of the article at DMN here.

Good to hear Phillips get down to business and look forward to the 2009 season. I look forward to see how all the changes will work out.

Want another draft analysis article, The NY Times has a bit on the Cowboys’ draft needs for 2009. Yes, the NY Times.

More Nuggets from the DMN Blog:

** The Cowboys will not practice against another team during training camp now that they are calling their summer home San Antonio. I asked Houston owner Bob McNair about some scrimmages with the Cowboys and he said the Texans will be practicing against the Saints.

** Wade Phillips believes Junior Siavii and Tim Anderson could be the answer at nose tackle behind Jay Ratliff. The Cowboys thought Siavii would hook on with a team last year after he was mong their final cuts. Anderson was a third round pick a few years ago. But Phillips also mentioned Siavii’s relationship with Igor Olshansky and I forgot they played at Oregon together. More from the DMN Blog, here.

Owners have passed a resolution to change the NFL Draft order starting for the 2010 season. Read about it here.

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