Owens Says Stephen Jones Got Him Released

Owens is still being hounded about his departure from Dallas, and Owens is opening up a little more about the release, and he believes that it was Stephen Jones that masterminded his release from Dallas. Is it me or do you feel Stephen Jones is getting more hands on and playing a larger role for the organization. I do, and this could be good for Dallas from a GM standpoint.

Wide receiver Terrell Owens believes Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones reneged on a personal commitment to keep him on contract, and suggested that the owner’s son, Stephen Jones, the executive vice-president of the NFL team, was behind his release this month.

“You hear all the speculation, and you talk to the owner of the team, and he reassures you, you’re not going anywhere and then, out of left-field … you get blindsided,” Owens, 35, said in an interview with Rogers Sportsnet, to be broadcast tomorrow evening.

“I know whole-heartedly he [Jerry Jones] wanted me there,” Owens said. “There were some people I know who got in his ear that pressured him to make that decision. For that, it’s sad. You let two or three people conspire to get me out of the situation.”I think Owens is probably right, its been speculated that Stephen Jones wanted to move Owens out of Dallas, and that’s probably the way it went down as well. (theglobeandmail)

In other news, Spags over at DC.com has a good write up on 5 Players he thinks must click this year, and they are:

  1. CB Mike Jenkins
  2. SS Gerald Sensabaugh
  3. LB Bobby Carpenter
  4. LB Anthony Spencer
  5. WR Miles Austin

I’d have to agree with Spags here, these are 5 guys, at 5 key positions that must show up and play good.

I think Mike Jenkins will be fine, but there’s no doubt that he will have to be the guy since we traded away Anthony Henry.

Gerald Sensabaugh will be ridiculed if he can’t cover, that’ll be what everyone will be looking at immediately, in addition, we’re going to see if he can be physical as well.

Bobby Carpenter will be here one more year unless he’s traded before or on draft day. Carpenter really needs to play well if he wants to showcase his skills for a new team in 2010, that’s all we can hope for at this point. For me, I think he’ll do well, he never got on the field and that may be his biggest knock. Maybe more snaps will showcase what he can do, he has no choice.

Anthony Spencer was injury riddled last season, and reports label Spencer as unmotivated. This will really be an important year for Spencer, we NEED him to give us that other pass rush opposite Ware, and he must stay healthy. If Spencer fails in either of these expectations, we’re moving to someone else in 2010.

Miles Austin really has the most potential to really make a name for himself and play himself into a Crayton type contract if not better. We know Austin can play, but the key is his health. If we’re going to get the most from Austin, let him play at WR, and get his butt off special teams and the return game. He’s not that good in the return game, and why risk the injury.

Check out Mick’s version here.

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