New Stadium: Safest public structure anywhere

Are you planning on attending any Cowboys games this year and beyond? If so, you should feel safe in the new state-of-the art stadium. According to the Arlington Mayor, Robert Cluck, the new stadium will be pretty safe:

“When this stadium opens, it will be the safest public structure anywhere,” Cluck said.(DMN)

Jerry Jones gave a tour for two lawmakers; Republican Sen. John Cornyn and U.S. Rep. Joe Barton, R-Arlington.

Jones took the lawmakers to the stadium’s unfinished command center, overlooking the field from high above, which will be linked to the venue’s control room.

“This will be the brain of the entire operation,” Assistant Police Chief Will Johnson told Cornyn and Barton.

On game day, up to 20 people will be in the command center, including federal, state and local authorities, he said.

During a news conference after the tour, Arlington Mayor Robert Cluck said his city – the seventh-largest in Texas – will be the most heavily visited in the state when the new Cowboys stadium opens this summer in the entertainment district. (DMN)

The Stadium is near complete and should be ready to open by June 6th, 2009. For me, I look forward to walking around the mammoth Stadium and taking it all in. Jerry has gone all out for the Dallas Cowboys and the fans, let’s hope we can bring in multiple championships along with the new stadium.

Phillips touts his record in Dallas

Following the Cowboys offseason theme of change, it looks like Wade Phillips will take a different approach in coaching the Cowboys this season. During one of his interviews in Dana Point, CA. Phillips elaborated by saying:

“I really want to lean on myself a little bit more,” Phillips said. “I’ll be in all the meetings and present the game plan to the players and more hands on with the team as far as on the field, those kind of things.”

Phillips notes that his Dallas teams have won 22 games in two years, while Bill Parcells won 24 games his last three years with the Cowboys. (pjstar)

We shall see how this works out, one thing is for sure, the pressure will be fast and furious if the Cowboys stumble early on. Phillips may think his winning percentage in Dallas has been better than previous HC Bill Parcells, but you have to keep in mind Parcells took over a horrid 3-time 5-11 club and basically purged out all the garbage to get the team that Phillips inherited. Phillips needs to win a playoff games, and win the Superbowl in order to tout any sort of stats to reporters.

Ellis Voted Yes

Greg Ellis voted for the new NFLPA Executive Director, DeMaurice Smith. Ellis is the Cowboys player representative and he likes the new selection.

“This guy has the ability to look at the bigger picture instead of an NFL point of view,” Ellis said of Smith. “The NFL and professional sports are a big part of our financial stability, and we have to protect that.” (tmcnet via DMN)

Smith will have his hands full with working out a new deal for players and the NFL. 2010 could be an uncapped year, and then in 2011 a work stoppage could occur, I’m sure both sides will work hard to get a new contract in place to avoid this problem.

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