Will Rob Ryan Bring Mangini to Coach the Secondary?

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Dave Campo will not return as the Cowboys secondary coach, something that should have happened the previous season. The Cowboys have had atrocious corner play, but this season it stuck out like a sore thumb and opposing teams knew where to hit us. Campo is out, and now comes the task to find a new secondary coach. Rob Ryan wants to bring in one of his guys, so who or what does that mean?

Ryan has had several stints in the NFL as a defensive coach, with stops in New England, Oakland, and Cleveland, so who could be the likely candidates for Ryan’s secondary coach? There are a couple; however, Eric Mangini comes to mind. Ryan has a long history with Mangini during their time in New England, and again in Cleveland when Ryan served as Mangini’s defensive coordinator.

During the Cowboys search for defensive coordinator last season Mangini was a name that was involved in the conversation, but Ryan was picked ultimately. So, if Mangini is ready to return to coaching, I’m sure Ryan will be the guy to bring him on board, and it’ll be a great move. Question will be whether not Mangini’s would take such a role. If I’m Mangini, I take this opportunity, and the Cowboys could have him in place should Ryan move on after 2012.

Some other coaches Ryan has had on previous staffs would be  Darren Perry (Packers) and Jerome Henderson (Browns).

Any of these guys would be an immediate upgrade over Campo. Let’s see who is brought in.

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