Jerome Henderson Hired to Coach Secondary

The news keeps coming through the wire tonight. The Cowboys are planning to hire Jerome Henderson. Henderson coached with Ryan as the defensive backs coach, and put together some solid squads. Adam Schefter broke the news a few minutes ago. Will the Cowboys look at signing Eric Wright to help fortify the secondary, he’s a free agent and was coached by Henderson and Ryan.

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  • Caroldenise

    I have been a Cowboys fan for over 40 years and have always supported them, win or lose. But,I have never seen a bunch of sorry a@# corners and safeties like the ones that prance up and down the field wearing numbers 41, 21,32,and 20. They are all imposters and should give Jerry his money back, because they don’t deserve to be paid for doing nothing. Sometimes I wonder whose team they are on. And, this team should not be called America’s Team because these players are not the players that earned that right. I hope this time when Jerry Jones announces he is going to clean house, he means it.