Dallas drafting a QB in 2012?

Dallas is probably thinking about drafting a QB whether, they want to admit it publicly or not. The Cowboys have just two quarterbacks signed for next year on their roster in Tony Romo and Stephen McGee.  Jon Kitna is retired and is not coming back. Stephen McGee as of right now is the guy if Romo goes down. How comfortable are you with him taking over and leading Dallas to the playoffs in a tough NFC East? Personally I guess I am okay with it but, if he was to stink it up we need someone else to step in and take over. Lets face it NFC East had a down year this past season. I am going to bet 9-7 gets you third place next season and not division champs. What about free agency QB’s well..slim pickings there. Jason Campbell will be sent packing in Oakland but, he probably wants to start. Orton might remain a Chief if Manning or RGIII does not happen for them.  Those two are the best available.  The remaining free agent QB’s no thank you.  Dallas does not need to draft a QB within the first two rounds. That is more for teams who current QB stinks ex. Deadskins. I am thinking rounds 3-7 Dallas should consider if value is there. Brandon Weeden is getting overlooked because of his age. I normally do not like any baseball pitchers turned quarterbacks. I cannot think of one that has worked out in the NFL in recent years.  Seems like he would be worth a 3 or 4 round. Maybe I am hoping he has that Roger Staubach inside him.  Point is Dallas needs to find a 3rd QB before the start of training camp. What would you do?

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