First Blunder of Offseason in the works, Spencer to Return?

Be prepared to chalk up another bone-head offseason move when the Cowboys franchise tag OLB Anthony Spencer, a player who has been a complete bust. Its been mind boggling seeing so many writers blessing bringing back Spencer, you have to be freakin sh**ing me!! I’ve seen the dumb justifications stat wise compared to other players, but that doesn’t make it right. In crunch time Spencer disappears, and is a non-factor on the field. Spencer hasn’t done a damn thing to deserve a franchise tag. How many times did fans scream for Victor Butler to get in the game to bring some real pressure, which he did.

If we roll with Spencer again, we’re going to get burnt the same way we got burnt by rolling with Newman for another season last season. Stop keeping these average non-producing players!! The defense stunk last year, are people forgetting that? and we want to reward one of the pieces of that disaster by bringing him back? We don’t know what the secondary is going to look like, but if we bring the same lame pressure, this is not going to help the secondary one bit. This is absolutely a slap in the face of Cowboys fans, Spencer is garbage. This defense isn’t going anywhere in the pass rush department, you can write it in stone.

Charles Haley had Tony Tolbert, and together they brought pressure and made our defense in the 90s dominating and intimidating. DeMarcus Ware has Anthony Spencer… what a a freakin joke. C’mon, get Ware another guy that will produce and make the pass rush legit. I expect the official idiocy of franchising Spencer any minute now, but at least I can air out my thoughts before then. This is a dumb move, just dumb.

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