Cowboys Add Orton and Bernadeau for Depth

The Cowboys have added QB Kyle Orton and OG Mackenzy Bernadeau as their latest free agent acquisitions. Orton was an absolute need, and will provide solid backup play for Romo. Bernadeau, in my opinion, was brought in to add depth and create competition. I don’t see see Bernadeau as being the guy we had to have to jump in and start at guard.

Injuries were a big hinderance for the Cowboys last season, so depth, or lack thereof, is a priority for the team right. The Cowboys are also looking to add another tight end into the mix, and possibly a linebacker.

As of right now, the Cowboys are still in negotiations with CB Brandon Carr, the Cowboys most prized addition. Cowboys Nation is waiting to get electrified, it hasn’t happened yet with our current free agent hauls, so we’ll see what the next hours bring us.

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