Cowboys Will Be Busy Trading During the Draft

There’s a lot of rumors surrounding the Cowboys and Felix Jones. Supposedly, the Cowboys were looking at trading Jones, but a “representative” said this is not the case. Usually where there’s smoke there’s a fire, so, I think there’s some truth to this. As I said earlier I was waiting to get some more inside news from my source and I got the information that can help give an idea what the Cowboys are going to do.

There are four names that are being hotly discussed for the first pick or a combination of two. I’m being told the Cowboys are looking at the secondary, despite the additions of Carr and Pool, the Cowboys have high interest in Alabama safety, Mark Barron, and Notre Dame safety Harrison Smith. Jason Garrett is high on the programs that Saban runs, and Notre Dame has always been a hot bed for Dallas Cowboys players, and Garrett is a fan of Kelly in South Bend. The Cowboys are almost certain to trade down from 14, just enough to take a stab at Barron (and stockpile a 2nd rounder) if he’s there, if he’s gone the Cowboys could keep moving down the board until they pick up Harrison Smith (and stockpile another 2nd rounder) in the late first or the next guy

The other name is Wisconsin’s offensive lineman Peter Konz, the Cowboys are having discussion about the center position, and feel that Konz can be the next Mark Stepnoski. The Cowboys need to get a better push up the middle and need a solid player. Konz is that guy, he’s nasty in the trenches, and comes from another program the Cowboys like. Watch for this pick, and don’t be surprised.

The last guy that may surprise some, but its Boise State’s running back, Doug Martin. He’s being targeted as a 2nd rounder, and could be one of those guys added after one of the above players. The Cowboys scouts and management like the program up there, and Martin is higher than most expect on their board. The rumor that Felix Jones could be out could not be confirmed by my source; however, he did say that the Cowboys are looking for a premium addition at running back, they don’t feel confident that Jones can be counted on and the issue of depth has been the main area to address, they are pounding at the table for quality depth. The Cowboys could trade Jones, or they could keep him for the year and let him walk, in this case, Martin is the guy they really like, they like his style, they like the program he comes from. Garrett is slowly jettisoning players that are not his, and he’s putting his fingerprint on this roster.

If the Cowboys get one or a combination of these two players mentioned, they will have a lot of firepower in the 2nd round and be able to go after some other guys, another pass rusher, defensive lineman, or whomever they’d like. The Cowboys will be in a very advantageous position by all their wheeling and dealing.

Depth-to-starter is going to be the motto of this draft, hence the desire to trade down, stockpile picks. Other pundits online are saying the bread and butter in this draft is in the 2nd and 3rd rounds, so this follows the theme. Garrett wants to mold HIS roster, and create more competition all around, and add depth. Depth, or lack thereof killed the Cowboys last year.

From what I’ve been told, I think this draft is going to be very busy for the Cowboys, and they will draft some spots that no one is thinking we need with the first picks. Personally, I’d be fine with any of these guys, especially Martin. We all know Jones is not the guy, he didn’t take that 3rd year leap, and the season tanked once we lost Murray. We can’t have that happen this year, and Garrett and Co. are mapping out a great draft plan. I’m very excited

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