Cowboys Must Hit on First Rounder

We’re on the eve of the draft and the rumors continue to shift and change by the minute. The latest has the Cowboys looking at Michael Brockers as the pick the whole time. Hopefully this is off base. Brockers is another Marcus Spears and just another LSU player that will probably fall under the same average play as previous guys like Glenn Dorsey, Tyson Jackson, and Marcus Spears. They aren’t impact players, they do nothing for a pass rush, so like all Cowboys fans, we’re hoping this isn’t the real target, not with #14. If there was a redo draft the year Spears came out, he wouldn’t be a first round selection, so the Cowboys need to follow that thinking, bring me another Hatcher or better in later rounds, that’ll be fine.

One thing’s for sure, the Cowboys must hit on their first round pick, this absolutely needs to be a guy that will start day one and do some positive things for us. Let that be a secondary player, outside linebacker, or interior lineman.

Our we going to be screaming in joy and anticipation for the play-making our new pick will give us, or is it going to be a “womp….womp” , crickets chirping selection. Lets get this going Jerry!

Here’s my quick 3-round mock for the Cowboys:

Round 1: Mark Barron, Safety, Alabama

Round 2: Casey Hayward, CB, Vanderbilt

Round 3: Cyrus Gray, RB, Texas A&M

Get your Cowboys gear on, I think this could get interesting! Be sure to stop by our message boards for live chat room discussion, I’ll be there online the whole 1st round! Have fun everyone!

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