Adrian Hamilton UDFA

If your not familiar with Adrian Hamilton let me introduce him to you.  He bounced around major universities (Oklahoma State and Texas Tech) before landing at Prairie View A&M. Why did he leave Oklahoma State? Well that was his first stop after high school. Oklahoma State recruiting staff was trying to recuirt everyone in the country and handed out too many scholarhips. They wanted him to sit out for a year, so instead of doing that he left for Texas Tech. His stop at Tech did not work out either. He was doing poorly in classes and his finances were not where they needed to be, so he left school. He got his stuff together and Prairie View gave him a full ride. He broke Robert Mathis SWAC sack record. Posting great numbers his senior year.

Why did this guy not get drafted? Well that is what stumped me too. I thought he was drafted but, when I saw him sign with the Cowboys as an UDFA my eyes lit up. Hamilton was invited to the combine but, missed the invite. Not sure how that happened but, that is probably why he went undrafted.

Garrett likes the guy.  “He’s had a good start to this minicamp. “You can see in the workouts we’ve had that he does have some athletic ability. He chases the ball well, he has some natural pass rush moves, and he seems to have some capability to drop in coverage as well.”

My only concern for Hamilton is the Dallas coaching staff. Will the coaches allow him enough time to make that switch to 3-4 OLB. Will he be given a far shot to beat out Alex Albright and Victor Butler?  His 4.49 speed and other intangibles give him a great chance to be a great player for Dallas at OLB. Would he be more dominate in 4-3 DE like Robert Mathis? If the coaches feel that way maybe Dallas uses him for certain packages and special teams.  I hope he pans out because Dallas  needs turnovers. I hate to see Dallas miss on a player with a high amount of potential.