Cowboys Will Need to find their #4 WR as well

There’s been some recent discussions on who will land the #3 WR spot, and I think it’ll be wide open, Garrett pretty much said so. But the thing the Cowboys are also looking for is the #4 WR and quality depth this offseason. The Cowboys escaped a disastrous scenario when Dez and Austin were dinged up and injured during the season. Scooping up Laurent Robinson out of thin air helped immensely , but can you imagine what would have happened if we didn’t hit on that addition?

Going into 2012, its clear Dez and Austin are the sure shot #1-#2 guys, but outside of that, the Cowboys competition for #3 is wide open. Nothing is promised to 4yr WR Kevin Ogletree, in fact, I’d say this is it for him, if he doesn’t show marked improvement or consistency, he’ll have a hard time making the roster, but he’ll be in the mix.

My money is on Raymond Radway and Danny Coale, I think both make the team, and both will contribute. Last season Radway was on his way to making the 53-man roster, and perhaps Robinson’s (Cinderella) story would have never happened. Its been reported that Radway has been working out feverishly and ready to compete. To me, Radway has the most upside right now, he has the height and size, and he has track speed to stretch the field, plus he produced.  Not only does he have the measurables to start where he left off, but he has the heart and determination.

Here’s Radway last season after his injury:

“I felt like I had given it my all,” Radway said. “After that night, I knew I could walk away and not hold my head down because I had worked as hard as I could. I had left it all out there and made it hard on them to let me go.”

“I felt like if the owner feels like you have a chance that you can recover and come back stronger,” Radway said, “that’s a good sign I can come back and be on the team next year.” (DMN)

I like the heart, of this player, we need more guys like this, and you can sure bet Radway will be ready, and under the watchful eye of  Coach Woicik, the chances are even better.

Danny Coale is the other receiver that can make an instant impact, and I base this on his route running ability. Romo loves a receiver that knows where he should be and who runs good routes. Danny Coale was touted as one of, if not the best route runner coming out of the draft, but at 5-11, his size was something that teams may have shied away from – good for us though. This is what Romo loves about Witten, he knew where to be at all times, and runs the routes really good, that’s what makes Witten a hot target every snap in the passing game, and I see that potential in Coale.

Finding the #4WR receiver is key, and I say this for the obvious reason, Miles Austin cannot be depended on health-wise. Miles Austin’s inability to stay healthy is slowly wearing thin in the eyes of Cowboys Nation, and throw in his comments about him not being in shape last season, its just not good. Austin has had trouble staying healthy for any long period of time since he came to Dallas, and some are wondering if his hamstring issues are chronic. Austin has a thick lower-body build, like that of a running back, so this has become an issue for him way too much for our liking. Austin will have a full offseason under Coach Woicik’s conditioning program, and if he can’t work his magic on Austin then this is a lost cause, and it’ll be time to think about contingencies down the road.

If Dez is there, and Austin gets his yearly injury, then it’ll be very key for these other receivers to move up the ladder, that’s why its just as important to have the #4 WR ready as it is the #3 WR, because if history is any indicator, they will need to move up and show up.

Here’s everyone we have on the roster as of right now:

Dez Bryant 6-2
Miles Austin 6-2

Kevin Olgetree 6-1
Raymond Radway 6-3
Andre Holmes 6-5
Danny Coale 5-11
Dwayne Harris 5-10

Cole Beasley 5-8
Tim Benford 5-11
Saalim Hakim 5-11
Donavan Kemp 6-1

Lets see which of these guys can make some noise and make the team.

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