It’s Back: Inconsistency! Cowboys Letdown in 27-7 Lose

I’m sure like all fans, we are just pissed off beyond belief and with plenty reason. The Cowboys let us down, simple as that. Here we are thinking the Cowboys turned the corner after a great win on the road against the champs, but then they don’t even show up in Seattle. So much for thinking the Cowboys were returning to the 90’s, no these are the same ole Cowboys – inconsistent. What a joke of a performance and inexcusable.

First order of business should be the release of Felix Jones, he set the tempo with his bumbling fumble and he just is not any good in any phase of the game, he is a liability and today he killed us and we never recovered. You straight up suck Felix. Coach Garrett needs to send a message and cut this bum, there’s no reason to keep him on the team. Go ahead and promote Dunbar behind Murray and Tanner.

Special teams needs a revamp, I’ve been saying this for a long time – fire DeCamillis. His squads sucks, they don’t know how to field the ball, they can’t tackle, they can’t return yards. Speacial teams continues to suck real bad, and today it was our death blow.

Defensively, they better get Ratliff back soon, I was not impressed with the interior push, weak game today. No good.

What a furious letdown. Cowboys Nation is pissed right now, utterly pissed. Let’s hope the Cowboys can get their heads out their ass at home against the Bucs, because they are a legit team.

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