Players are not buying into Garrett System. Cowboys Stink.

The Cowboys won, but it feels like a loss. The defense played good today, but here we go again with the penalties and poor execution on offense. Through 3-weeks this team looks like a carbon copy of the 2011 team, and that means 8-8 again, no playoffs. Let’s be honest about the Cowboys, we stink, we are a bad team and inconsistent. If we’re going to be the Jekyll and Hyde team again, then it’s going to be another heartbreaking season and Garrett will be out of here. It doesn’t seem like the players are buying into Garrett’s system, if they were we wouldn’t be asking ourselves “which team is showing up today” Elite teams, and fans of the elite teams don’t have to say that to themselves on Sunday, but we do. Pathetic.

We received more bad news with safety Barry Church being declared out for the season. Before Church won the spot, this was a big concern, but now we’re in trouble again. Silva sucks, he’s not the answer, and what’s the deal with Matt Johnson? We may need to pick someone up or make a trade. We cannot afford to move Carr to safety, that’s just stupid.

Back to Doug Free, he’s playing really bad ball and he needs to be benched. We can’t keep him out there bumbling around, what a disappointment.

Do you think we are going to beat the Bears next Monday? I honestly do not know.

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  • Cole

    ok man..let me start by saying ny you saying all this, you can’t be a fan. Your remarks are blunt and inaccurate. No win feels like a loss( unless your the seattle seahawks). Inonsistent…? at times yes. “we stink”…? now your crazy. Patriots loose to Arizona…are they horrible? What about greenbay? 1-2 also with the pats. And your quick to bench doug free. Sure he hasnt been great so far, but who would you have replace him? Don’t forget his numbers and value to this team 2 seasons ago. he hasnt changed just hads to move positions give him time. I hate to be rude to a fellow cowboys fan, so dont take it that way. i understand your feelings im right there with everyone, but talking like this helps nothing. It bashes your own team, coach, players, and fans.

  • Cole

    And another thing…are the patriots and greenbay and Sanfransico elite? i bet you there fans are asking themselves the same questions that we ask too.

  • I appreciate your reply, and don’t take offense to it, everyone it entitled to their own opinion. I stand by what I said, most fans will agree. We just are not that good right now, we stink. Im as diehard as it gets, but Im going to be honest about things and not be a homer. Sure, I want to win, but the way we play we are on the path to 8-8 again. Let’s see how Free does this week.

  • Tag

    Take off those blue tinted glasses and get jerry out of your ear.

    I have been a Dallas Cowboy fan since 1975- Look at what we have since 1995
    Same Owner- who is also GM and Draft Picker
    He gets his players and his “Yes” men coaches.
    Jerry wants Dez on this team and in a high percentage of plays (reminds me of the Randy Ratio in Minnesota)
    * Flat out Dez should be benched and made an example out of- This will get the attention of the entire team
    Players like Dez, TO, Pacman….( ALL Jerry’s choices! High risk and no reward) are CANCERS to a Team Sport. They DEGRADE moral, mental concentration and spirit.
    No Team can win if the individuals think they are ABOVE the Team!
    One reason the Giants have won 2 SB’s recently is because Coughlin has got them to believe in Team Unity! We the Cowboys SUCK @ IT!
    Flat out this is the facts and one of the BIGGEST reasons we fail.
    We will end this year like every year since 1995- Average.. More like 8-8 and out of the playoffs
    BUT, Jerry evals the year based on Profit/Loss and he will have made HUGE money!
    Our 1 BILLION dollar stadium was not made for home field advantage- It was made to market to ALL venues!! So Jerry makes more $$$$
    Reality is I CARE more than Jerry DOES! Big Question: WHY???
    Not until a BIG change comes will I care this much any more….