Cowboys look worse than 2011, Not Looking Promising

Wow. Just Wow. I’m almost in a state of shock, but I shouldn’t be. These Cowboys say all the right things in interviews, and Garrett says all the right things in his press conferences, but its not translating. People, we are in serious trouble here, this team is a mess. The offensive line shuffle has been an abysmal transition, we rolled the dice with cheap free agents and now we’re paying the price. Romo won’t finish the season at this rate – no way.

This 2012 version of the Cowboys look bad, and nothing, NOTHING has changed. The culture is the same, the letdowns, the chokes, turnovers, penalties are still there. If anyone thinks this team is going anywhere I want your medicinal prescription, we are bad.

You’ll have the homers saying 2-2 is not bad and we can still turn this thing around, but let’s be real. History tells you we aren’t going to be better than 8-8. The way we are playing I wouldn’t be surprised if we go 6-10. Look at the immediate schedule:

Oct. 7 -BYE WEEK-

Oct. 14 @ Baltimore, Noon

Oct. 21 @ Carolina, Noon

Oct. 28 vs. New York Giants, 3:15 p.m.

Nov. 4 @ Atlanta, 7:20 p.m. (SNF NBC)

Nov. 11 @ Philadelphia, 3:15 p.m

The way we are playing right now, that’s 5 consecutive losses, because there’s no way we beat any of these teams. Garrett could lose this team, just like Phillips did a few years ago. Are the players on the verge of giving up? Nothing shows me they are ready to be winner. Forget the playoffs. This is going to be a long, long season.

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