Roster Spots Cowboys Must Re-evaluate

I don’t know about you, but the Bears game is still on my mind, and I’m looking for answers. What is this team going to do to be competitive and win some games? I surely thought we would see some changes on the offensive line since that’s the weakest unit on the team. Changes need to be made, and we’re mainly talking about RG Mackenzy Bernadeau – he stinks.

Garrett apparently thought the pass protection was good against the Bears, you have to be kidding me!:

“We like the five guys who are playing up front as we talked yesterday,” Garrett said. “I think collectively as a group they blocked that front fairly very well, particularly in the passing game the other night against Chicago, and Mackenzy is apart of that.” (DMN)

I’m sorry, but that is just delusional. Romo was running for his life, and was forced into a lot of bad, hurried passes under heavy duress. These sort of statements Garrett is saying just makes me believe in him less and less.

Despite what Garrett is saying, we had better see some changes on the offensive line. Put in Dockery or make a trade of some sort, and I’m not talking about trading for a backup like we did for Cook, c’mon guys! We are going cheap left and right on the offense line and the running game is going backwards. Can you believe Murray had more success with last year’s offensive line, that’s scary. I’ll tell you what, its just a matter of time before Murray gets too banged up himself, he is getting smashed at the line of scrimmage and piled on way too much, I’m concerned about that too. Can you imagine, if Murray was out and we rolled with Felix? lol. Season over.

Speaking of running back, I think we need to give Lance Dunbar a try in the return game and in the backfield. Felix Jones is premium garbage in all areas, he’s a wasted roster spot right now. And what about Vickers? Is his lack of opening holes the effect of him not getting through the offensive line too? Do we need to take a look at Olawale at FB?

At wide receiver, we may need to take a closer look at some of the other receivers. Let’s get Cole Beasley in the game, same goes for Harris or Holmes. I am not sold on Olgetree, its the same story with him. As it stands right now, Austin is the only receiver doing anything. Dez Bryant has been a complete utter disappointment, if he doesn’t turn it on after the bye, then 2013 we’ll be looking for a free agent receiver or draft another one.

I want to see some changes during the bye, let’s see what moves if any are made. We can’t go to Baltimore with this same lineup.

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