Is RG Mackenzy Bernadeau on a Short Leash?

Well, we’ve been waiting for some roster changes, and the only significant one was the activation of RB Lance Dunbar to the 53-man squad. We all know this is to see if Dunbar can be more productive than 1st round bust Felix Jones. What we really wanted to see was a change at RG. Mackenzy Bernadeau has been a free agent bust, you can mark this up as the same category as Marcellus Wiley, its been that bad.

Jason Garrett, and Stephen Jones have been on the defensive saying the line has played well, and this and that, but come on, this line is horrendous. Jerry Jones seems to be more direct even suggesting that Derrick Dockery could be an option for the interior line, which means Bernadeau has one more game to show us something. I’d even go out and say that if Bernadeau has a bad start, we could yank him in favor of Dockery.

Jerry on Dockery:

“Our offensive, I’d like to see us more consistent in there,” Jones said on KRLD. “We’re going to need to be pretty physical, and we can be physical and one thing we got is more size in there and Dockery, we got a player you haven’t seen play much. But he’s got some big size in there, too.” (ESPN)

To me, this is it for Bernadeau, we cannot continue on this path, something has to be done and I believe he’ll be on a short leash come Sunday; if anything, we’ll see a change for the following week. For the longterm, we are now put in a tough spot for 2013, we’ll have to pay up for a better RG or use a high draft pick to fix it.

Since we’re talking about the offensive line, I’m wondering if Callahan is ever going to get this line straightened out. Its important to point out that Callahan installed a new blocking scheme, zone blocking, and I don’t see these guys picking it up and it shows. This line is just horrible, its a complete experiment from the coach, to the blocking scheme, to the players – no good.

What’s your thought on Costa returning at center? Looks like he’ll start since Cook is injured, and you have to wonder if Costa will be ready or are we going to see those erratic snaps over Romo’s head again? We need to land a true center, we didn’t address it at all and we’re getting snakebitten. To me the center, is the focal point of the offensive line, a leader per se, and we haven’t had a dominating center since Mark ¬†Stepnoski. We don’t have a single mauler on this line, we need a Larry Allen and Erik Williams type players.

Sunday’s game will live and die by this offensive line. This is a must win, at worst, we better be in the game and competitive; otherwise, we could see a complete implosion from the team. I’m very interested in seeing how this games turns out.

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