Next 5 Games Could Define Garrett’s Tenure in Dallas

Who’s ready for the huge game today in Baltimore? Fans are ready, but we’re all on pins and needles waiting to see what squad Garrett musters up for this game. The Cowboys need to match the Raven’s physicality and protect Romo or its game over. Like every game, the Cowboys show how this game will go with their first drives, we’ll see if they are playing with fire and confidence.

I honestly don’t see us winning this game, the offensive line is horrible. This game is going to either be the start of a winning streak or a start to a downward spiral to the bottom of the division. At 2-2, we cannot afford to lose out the next five games. Today, we have the Ravens, then @Panthers, Giants, @Falcons, @ Eagles. That’s epically difficult considering how bad we’ve shown up to most of our games this year.We need to come out of this stretch with at least 3 wins, anything less and we’re ins serious trouble for the second half of the schedule.

To me, if we go on some sort of losing streak here, our playoff aspirations will be sunk and Garrett will be officially on the hot seat. Today’s game will be the start of winning streak or a losing streak, that’s how important this game will be, a win or a loss will be huge mentally for the whole team moving forward.

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