Cowboys Hounded by Penalties and Now Last Place in Division

I’m not going to be one to sugarcoat this and say we competed, so now we have a chance moving forward because that’s just a bunch of BS! We are now 2-3 and in last place in the division. We are NOT getting it done and our record reflects our shortcomings. If its not one thing, its another. Today it was costly penalties that killed us, we had too many idiotic illegal formation penalties, holding, and then two defensive penalties that kept drives alive and turned in 14 points against us.

Yes, we ran the ball better, and we protected Romo better; but, ALL of that is a moot point if we can’t pull together a win! This whole notion that we played better and competed is ridiculous. It would be fine if we played the same team again next week, but we aren’t. We play a new team every week that gives us a new problem to contend with. So, to say we can beat the Panthers on the road because we played better today is just dumb.

I’m literally wondering what is going to sink us next week. We may cut the penalties, but will it be turnovers that kill us, or will it be the offense inability to move the ball, or what? This team is such a mess, I can’t believe it, its laughable.

Its 2011 all over again, until we post up some consecutive wins I’m not believing a word that comes out of anyone’s mouth. Garrett and the players will try to sugarcoat this loss, but a loss is a loss. We are what we are and we’re a losing team right now. Through 5 games, the penalties have been consistently holding us back, and they look to be uncorrectable – pathetic.

As ridiculous as it sounds, even at last place in the division we are still in the division, but I don’t see any hope of us capitalizing on our rivals short comings, that’s not how you make the playoffs and make a Super Bowl run. You don’t rely on other teams messing up, you need to play good and crush people.

Our next five games: @Panthers, Giants, @Falcons, @Eagles, Cleveland

Projected losses: W, L, L, L, W

Projected record: 4-6

Prove me wrong Dallas, pull your head out your ass for a few games!!

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    Until it hurts in Jerry’s Pocket I see no hope of things changing
    People need to stop going to games, stop buying merchandise…….

  • Sad, but true. I dont like the longterm outlook in Dallas. I can see us heading towards another 5-11 triplicate soon. OUR problems definitely start from the top.