Is Jason Garrett on the Hot Seat Watch yet?

I think we’ve seen enough over the years to know Jason Garrett is not going to get this team anywhere, and with another blundering loss under his belt the seat should be getting warm for Garrett. The burner is on, inching towards a medium heat this coming Sunday against the Panthers. The Cowboys are last place in the division at 2-3, and the rest of the division is playing better ball, so its going to be an uphill battle the rest of the year.

The Cowboys have carried over their December slump into the 2012 season. Since December 2011 until now we are an abysmal 3-7. Holy crap, that’s sorry. We are in serious trouble, this team is not buying into Garrett, and the penalties which are suppose to be correctable are not correctable under Garrett. Its the same BS, the same press conference optimism with no results.

So, how did we get this far with Garrett in the first place? Lets go over a refresher:

– Parcells resigned in 2006, and in 2007 Garrett was named the Offensive coordinator BEFORE the head coach (Wade Phillips) was hired. Tony Sparano was a carry over and stayed for one season.

– Here’s Garrett’s Total offensive yards ranking, and records:

2007 shared duties with Tony Sparano Ranked 3 (Phillips 13-3)
2008 Ranked 13 (Phillips 9-7)
2009 Ranked 2 (Phillips 11-5)
2010 Ranked 7 (Phillips 1-7) and (Interim Head Coach 5-3) 3rd place
2011 Ranked 11 (HC 8-8) 3rd place
2012 Ranked 19 (HC 2-3)

15-14 as HC
49-36 OC/HC since 2007

Makes you wonder how much a factor Sparano was during the 2007 season, remember this past offseason, there were rumors that the Cowboys may have been interested in bringing back Sparano. I know many fans wanted this.

15-14 is garbage, and at this pace, you can project more losses than wins for 2012. This entire hiring has been an experiment from the start, a head coach in training per se. I mean, it looks like we are just coming up with game plans on the fly each week, testing them out to see what happens. We don’t have a formula for success, nothing consistent that gives us an identity.

This team has been very mediocre and underachieving since Garrett has been in Dallas. He’s been in control of the offense since 2007, alongside Tony Romo. That’s SIX seasons, and we still have trouble snapping the ball and calling plays at the line of scrimmage. Players appear to be lining up incorrectly every drive, and this falls on the coach 100%.

If you haven’t seen Shango’s latest video, check it out here, he makes a very, very important point, in which Garrett doesn’t come from a coaching tree. Garrett was a player, and a serviceable backup to hall of fame Cowboy Troy Aikman, he played under Norv Turner’s system. There’s a difference between playing and coaching in a system, and this is where we have all been duped. We all think Garrett is running the Turner offense, but he’s not. Our calls look NOTHING like what we ran in the 90’s Garrett has his own style and it sucks. As a head coach he shows no emotion or anger for bad plays or mistakes, he looks to be a non-discplinarian.

If fan’s are going to be dead honest, they have to know Garrett has not made any marked improvements on offense his whole time here. The system is stale, he can’t coach his system to the players, the players make penalties, they can’t close out games, they aren’t a legitimate physical team.

I’m not rooting for anymore losses, but if Garrett can’t improve this team more this year, and if we lose more games in same bumbling way, then he has to go. We’ll need to make a huge drastic change here, wipe out the staff, and hire someone who will bring in his own staff. I don’t want to see any remnants of previous regimes anymore.

Let’s monitor the situation and hope for the best.

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