Stan(d)back, Someone is Finally Practicing

That’s right, Isaiah Stanback has finally made it to the field for practice. Stanback, has been looking nothing like a 4th pick; but rather, and possible draft pick bust. The jury is still out on the latter, as the Cowboys had hoped to plant him as the primary punt returner. That has yet to materialize, and the Cowboys are still looking at having Newman back there. Crayton and Austin have been dabbling in the punt return game, but we need Stanback to be THE man over there.


“We’re going to start him at receiver and see what he can do,” head coach Wade Phillips said. “I think he can do a lot of things. We’re still going to look at him at returns. He’s really a gifted athlete.”

We’ll see how this risk of an experiment works its way out. I’m not saying anything else until he proves his roster value. It doesn’t even appear that he’s ready to try out at WR…

“He came up to me today and said, ‘Wow it’s a lot different when you’re out here running routes,'” wide receivers coach Ray Sherman said after Saturday’s sun-baked practice. “I told him it’s different than anything you’ve ever done. He said he would be all right, but all of a sudden today he said, ‘Coach, you were right.” (

Even Jerry is calling this an experiment:

“I saw some of that quickness and some of that athletic ability,” team owner and general manager Jerry Jones said after Saturday’s workout. “It’s going to be an interesting experiment. We’re going to find out, can you immediately take it from knowing everything mentally to stepping out there and executing. . . . Glad to see him out there, glad we’ve been as patient as we’ve been.” (

Stanback, please do something good for us. We really need to naildown the punt return position. I absolutely do not want Newman back there! Do you?

Greg Ellis does not think he’ll be ready for the season opener, and even suggested that his last game may have been that Arizona game in which he got injured.

From DMNblog:

Ellis: ‘I may have played my last game’

The Cowboys’ trainers tell Wade Phillips that Greg Ellis is day-to-day. Ellis is much more pessimistic.

“This may be it for me,” Ellis said. “I may have played my last game in Arizona. I pray it’s not, but that’s the reality.”

The Cowboys are still counting on Ellis playing in the season opener. He isn’t ruling out that possibility, but he obviously isn’t real confident that he’ll be ready to go against the Giants.

“Right now, I’ve still got a lot of pain,” said Ellis, who hasn’t practiced since the first hour of training camp. “I’m pushing through it and working through it, but in the off-season it was pretty minimal pain.”

Not really the kind of news I want to hear, but this only means, we had better have Spencer better prepared and get him as many reps as possible. Carpenter may also get in sometime at OLB now. We may even see Carp get in more reps himself. We’ll keep a close eye on this development.

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