Cowboys Win, but Penalties Continue to stifle the Offense

The Cowboys were able to defeat a bad 1-4 Carolina Panthers team, but barely and now the Cowboys get back to a very mediocre 3-3 record for the year. After six games, the Cowboys have an identity, which is a conservative and penalty making thirsty team. We are still a bad team, and you can definitely expect more of the same type of games. The Cowboys have absolutely proven the penalty issues are not correctable and this will be what ultimately sinks this team in 2012. Here are a few things that need to change relatively soon moving forward:

– Kevin Ogletree

We need to get him out of the game, that’s it, I’m done with this experiment. Outside of week 1, Ogletree has been a bust on offense, and he has bad hands. He can’t catch, get him the hell of the field. The Cowboys need to put in Holmes, Beasley, or Harris in the game. Enough is enough. Seriously. Garrett said he would make some changes if things continue, so back it up.

– Dez Bryant

Keeping Dez on punt return duty is not doing the Cowboys any good. He’s too careless with fielding the ball, and too reckless when he’s running around. Put one of the other backup wide receivers back there asap.

– Pass rush

Its the same thing for the consecutive year; Ware is the only one that is bringing the pressure. We acknowledge Spencer is more of a run specialist, but so is the rest of the defensive line. If the Cowboys decide to keep Spencer after this year, then they better add a pass rushing defensive end. We need another true pass rushing specialist. I’d like to see Josh Brent take over at NT, and finally move Ratliff over and let him loose on the QB. If we keep this lame pass rush the rest of the season, we had better draft a pass rush specialist in the 1st round, that’s it.

– Offensive Coordinator

I think we all know where this team is heading, and if Jerry decides to keep Garrett then they better go hard after Norv Turner to take over the offense full time. Garrett is NOT getting it done. Norv will be available on black monday, we all know it. So, bring him in.

Trade Deadline is around the corner, the NFL moved it back to Week 8, so if the Cowboys want to make a move, then it should be coming soon. Personally, I don’t see us making any moves, but if we did, it should be for a legit center or a pass rushing defensive end. We still have Jenkins in our back pocket, should we keep him or use him to leverage for a player that can help us somewhere in the trenches? I actually like how Jenkins has been playing, so keeping him is fine with me. Do you try to move Bryant? I doubt it. We’ll see if any moves are made.

The next five games for Dallas: Giants, @Falcons, @Eagles, Browns, Redskins

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    Surest bet in football this weekend:
    Cowboys will lose to the Giants. (Straight up no spread factored here)

    My reasons- Over Confidence of the players and lack of motivation from coaches
    1) we already beat the Giants once
    2) Game is at home
    3) We won the last game

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    Big question after this game: Is the players pride been challenged?
    If yes, then I can see the rally that we can beat the Falcons.
    If Not Enough, then we get blown out…..that will cause pride to kick in…

    Everything is stacked up against us in this game
    – playing best team in football
    – playing on short weak
    – just lost against division leader