Which Cowboys Team Will Show Up Sunday?

Its the question every Cowboys fan asks themselves, and it unfortunate. I cannot remember the last time this team put together consecutive, convincing wins; however, the Cowboys have a chance Sunday to start a winning streak against the Giants. The chips seem to big stacked against the Cowboys, they haven’e played sound football on offense, and defensive leader, Sean Lee is out for the year. So, what can the Cowboys do to win this game?

Its simple: Limit penalties and no turnovers on offense. Simple as that. The Cowboys and Giants usually have some epic games because their players matchup and cancel each other out, so it will come down to mistakes. So, which team will show up? We’ve seen this team all over the map with turnovers and miscues. Whether its the special team, defense, or offense, there always seems to be one squad that just sinks us early and sets the tempo for the rest of the game.

Here’s who I’ll be looking at closely:

— Anthony Spencer better have another solid game, and he’ll need to step up the pass rush too. We know that Spencer is a run stopping specialist, but we need him to create some havoc.

— Phillip Tanner will likely get the bulk of the carries, with Felix being injured yet again. Tanner has shown some power and toughness through the line, and we’ll need him to have a breakout game Sunday, and continue to protect the ball. Don’t fumble.

— Dez & Austin need to have a better game against the Giants this time around. I highly doubt Ogletree will duplicate his one-hit wonder performance, so this means, our main guys better catch everything that comes their way. Protect the ball, I can’t stand how reckless Austin and Dez are when they are trying to break tackles.

— Dan Connor fills in for Sean Lee and could be exposed in the passing game, we know pass defense is not is strength, so I hope we don’t see him trying to cover Bennett or any other receivers, we’ll lose that matchup every time. I think Connor filled in well against the Panthers, but the Giants are better coached and have better players, so this will be a challenge for Rob Ryan. What kind of formations will we see to mitigate our holes with Lee’s absence.

Another thing to watch is the pass rush, we haven’t been getting to the QB much all year, and against Eli that’s going to kill you late in the game. I really think the Cowboys will need to concentrate on adding a true pass rusher in the draft, should be a high priority. Will the lack of the pass rush kill us? Lets see how long we can go with just Ware being the only guy

Lets Go Cowboys!

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