Cowboys drafted Troy Aikman 23 years ago

Troy Aikman was drafted 23 years ago, and since 1989, the Dallas Cowboys have not drafted a quarterback in the 1st round. Only the Chiefs and Saints hold a longer streak (28yrs) of not drafting a QB in the 1st round.

I bring this up because its been way too long for a franchise to go without pulling the trigger on the most important position on the team. The closest thing the Cowboys have come to a 1st round QB was in 2001 when they drafted Quincy Carter in the 2nd round, after that we saw Testaverde, Bledsoe, Henson, and currently Tony Romo leading the way.

23 draft classes is an insanely long time without pulling the trigger on a 1st round QB; however, the Cowboys made some serious mistakes that left them without even owning 1st round picks. Remember the Joey Galloway and Roy Williams trades? Those set us back for years, and rather than packaging picks for a QB, we packaged them for bad receivers.

Quarterback is the premium position on any team, and the Cowboys keep passing on a legit quarterback, you’re seeing the results year-in and year-out with Romo.

As a fan, I’ve reached all that I can take watching Romo sink this team, and the rest of Cowboys Nation is swaying towards the same thinking. Its time Jerry Jones, its time Stephen Jones, its time take formulate a plan for the next draft. For this Jones and Garrett marriage to move forward, Garrett needs to hand pick his guy; and, I’ll tell you what else will help this workout – bring in Norv.

We pretty much know how this season is going to play out, we’ve seen this movie before, but like any sequel, its a bad one. 2012 is a bad version of the 2011 season. If Jones continues with the program Garrett is trying to install, then you let him draft his QB, bring in Norv Turner next season to be the full-time offensive coordinator, and let Norv mentor the QB. Norv’s success with young QBs is well documented along with his proficiency as an OC. I’m obviously saying this because short of an AFC Championship or Super Bowl, Norv will be out of San Diego.

23 years! Seriously, what are we doing?…

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