Cowboys Monitoring Norv Turner’s Status in San Diego?

If you’re a Cowboys fan, you know the offense is the weak link in this year’s version, and much to their chagrin it’s coming from the play calling and clock management. Its been hotly debated whether or not Jason Garrett is wearing too many hats as the Head Coach. Garrett is calling the plays, and handling the clock management, and he needs help. Supposedly, Bill Callahan was going to be brought in to help out, but by now its clear his sole duty is to coach the offensive line as it should be, because the line needs full attention, they started out very bad.

Garrett has shown that the offense has gotten stale in Dallas, and everyone knows how to shut it down, its a mess. This is not the same type of offense we ran in the 90s, we never saw Troy Aikman constantly changing the play at the line of scrimmage and barely snapping the ball before the clock ran down. Watching this offense is like torture, it raises your blood-pressure out of shear frustration. Any fan who watches football games likely watches a whole lot of other games because its a great game to watch even if its not your favorite team. I promise you, know other team in the league looks so lost at the line of scrimmage like the Cowboys – we need help.

The Cowboys need to bring in Norv Turner, I’ve been saying this since last year when I thought for sure the Chargers were going to cut ties with Norv. It’s time to right the ship on offense, if we’re going to start to turn around the offense it needs to start with the play calling and coordination. There’s some rumblings going around suggesting that if the Chargers lose tonight against the Chiefs then Norv could get the axe immediately following the game.

From PFT:

“If the Chargers lose, coach Norv Turner could be done.

Kevin Acee of U-T San Diego believes that owner Dean Spanos will indeed pull the plug on the Norv Turner experiment, if the Chargers fall to 3-5 by losing to the 1-6 Chiefs.” (

Point blank, the Cowboys should have an interest in adding Norv to the coaching staff, as the offensive coordinator to be exact. If the Cowboys don’t act on getting Norv, then he’ll surely get hired on somewhere else. There are a lot of other teams right now that have a bad offensive coordinator at the helm, so they better go ahead and make it happen, don’t be stupid and wait around for this experiment we’re running to just keep killing us. Get it done Jerry.

Let Garrett concentrate on being a head coach, and let Norv help get these guys on offense some real play calling from the booth.

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