Will We Finally See Lance Dunbar and Cole Beasley Sunday Night?

The Cowboys haven’t had a durable back since Emmitt Smith was with the team, and the consistent injury back by committee continues. We know DeMarco Murray is out at minimum, one more game, and Felix Jones has a different nagging injury every week. I think the team is going to see if Felix will be a factor if he starts, but I think this is the week we finally get to see Lance Dunbar in action along side Phillip Tanner. The biggest concern from both Tanner and Dunbar is their pass protection. We’ve seen Tanner whiff on a few blocks and this is why he hasn’t had more snaps on the offense as we had hoped. What I like about Dunbar is his speed, he can hit the outside and burst up the field, but he needs the opportunity. One thing I want to see above all is ball security, I’m sick of the stupid, sloppy turnovers. Get them in the game, but they need to protect that ball when they get the ball. Skip Peete better be reminding them throughout the game, seriously.

This also looks like the week when we could see WR Cole Beasley get some legit snaps on offense, especially if Kevin Ogletree is going to be slowed down with a hamstring. Please don’t put an injured Ogletree on the field, can you imagine what a wasted spot that will be. Ogletree has not done crap since week one, its time to get Beasley in the game, it really is. Don’t waste the potential talent like we did with Danny Amendola. He shined in training camp and made plays in the preseason, get him on the field this week.

If the Cowboys decide to run a more aggressive or fast paced passing game as Romo eluded too in the Giants game, then to me Beasley would be the perfect guy to go ahead and roll with. He’s quick and can get to the open spots on the field quicker than Ogletree can, and Beasley has better hands. I’m tired of seeing Ogletree drop passes, I really am sick of it, it’s killing our drives.

Some changes need to happen on offense, and its simple. You remove what has been staggering the offense and plug in some other parts, see what happens and if the results are better or worse at least  you know. I’m routing for Dunbar and Beasley big time for this game – lets go!

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