Cowboys Drop to 3-5, Season is indeed over

Another decadent serving of warm cow manure as the Cowboys drop to 3-5, and the season is over. Fan’s have been optimistic, but this really was it. There should be ZERO talk of any chance of making the playoffs, if you have watched the same games everyone else has, then you know there is no evidence to suggest otherwise. This team stinks, the offensive line stinks, and the play calling is garbage – the season is over.

I don’t want to hear that we have 5 out of 8 games at home, because we all know there is no home field advantage at Dallas Cowboys Stadium. The Cowboys do not show they can win with their backs against the wall, its time to evaluate this roster the rest of the way. The offense and play calling ruined this season, the defense looks to have been fixed or at least playing way better than last year, but the offense is worst than last year. The only beef I have is Orlando Scandrick, this guys sucks, we should cut this guy and re-sign Jenkins. Scandrick should have never gotten that extension, that was really stupid.

Play calling on offense has really come to a head after watching this game. Chris Collinsworth eluded to the play calling when the Cowboys went no huddle and moved the ball at will. This was the same thing we did last week against the Giants, so why the hell aren’t we implementing this to start the game. Our offense needs a spark in the play calling, and Im still hoping that Norv can come in here at the end of the year and take over the offense, Jason Garrett is NOT getting it done. Period. Garrett should be stripped of calling plays, give Bill Callahan a shot at it, he has a pseudo offensive coordinator title, so you might as well give him a look. Something has to be tried, because at this point we’re looking ahead for 2013. Pathetic.

The sole bright side to this game was LB Bruce Carter, he looks to be coming on strong here and looks like we may have hit on that pick. I like what I saw from Carter.

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